Blue Seafaris

Blue Seafaris

We know the Call of the Blue, the magic and the mystery of the Ocean resonates in our blood, and calls us back to our origins. We are here to guide you on life-defining experiences with the great whales, dolphins, orca, manta rays, turtles, sharks and other iconic species.

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What we do

Blue Seafaris offer intimate bespoke experiences to Ocean hotspots in Australia and around the world to swim with the Great Whales, Dolphins, Orca, Mantas, Turtles, Sharks and other iconic species.

Our tours are focused on quality not quantity, that means small group numbers and an ethical and aware approach to Marine life interactions. We are not just ticking a bucket list but seeking a meaningful encounter and allowing the animals to determine the nature of the experience. The same approach goes for our guests - many of our best friends are people we have met on our tours, friendship and a "family" vibe are what we are all about! We also offer daily Yoga and the opportunity to learn to Freedive as part of our experience.

We know the Call of the Blue, the magic and the mystery of the Ocean that resonates in our blood, Many months at sea and time in the water over years has given us a better understanding of iconic marine animals,, and this is the key to getting that close “eye to eye” meeting that we all dream of. Patience is key and its important to understand that this is a wildlife expedition seeking a sometimes shy and mysterious creature, you are not buying a ticket to an aquarium theme park!

That said we have a great success rate, nothing in nature is guaranteed but our research and experience puts us in the right places at the right time to ensure we have the best possible conditions for a special interaction. Our boat operators are highly experienced with unbeatable local knowledge of their local waters and wildlife behaviour. We do not use “Cowboy” operators and our partners share our ethical approach to cetacean encounters.

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Professional Guides

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Small group, intimate experience

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Snorkel at Julian Rocks (Byron Bay) Image

Snorkel at Julian Rocks

Byron Bay
Snorkel with Turtles (Gold Coast | Coolangatta) Image

Snorkel with Turtles

Gold Coast | Coolangatta
Freedive with Orcas (Norway) Image

Freedive with Orcas

Freedive with Tiger Sharks (The Maldives) Image

Freedive with Tiger Sharks

The Maldives
Freedive with Humpbacks (Tonga) Image

Freedive with Humpbacks

Freedive with Blue Whales (Sri Lanka) Image

Freedive with Blue Whales

Sri Lanka