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Vava`u, Tonga

swim with humpback whales

Join a small group tour to the crystal blue waters of Vava'u, Tonga to swim with the magnificent humpback whales. You'll have intimate experiences with the whales, while also enjoying the caves, reefs and other wildlife. Along with delicious food and luxury beachfront accommodation, this truly is the experience of a lifetime.


Vava`u, Tonga


7 days

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7 nights accommodation

7 nights accommodation in a beautifully styled waterfront resort with private bungalow fales. All Yoga, Freediving and Underwater photography workshops

5 days on the water

5 water days on our fast and comfortable 10 metre Flybridge Cruiser, it is the best boat in Vava'u with a spacious cabin and toilet, upstairs viewing bridge and plenty of deck space, perfect for long days on the water. Lunch and refreshments included.

world class snorkelling

Plenty of opportunities for World class free diving and snorkelling and visiting the spectacular Swallows and Mariners Caves, as well as countless islands and reefs.

some of the incredible experiences you may have

The Experience

If you are a confident swimmer and can breathe through a snorkel you can swim with the whales, you don't need to be a SCUBA diver or Freediver!

Tonga is the best place in the world to swim with Humpback whales. Warm, blue tropical waters and the surrounding coral reefs and islands make Tonga the perfect nursery for the whales to birth their calves and socialize. The Local government adheres to a strict whale swim policy. Only 4 people are allowed in the water with a whale at any time. Our experienced boat operators are careful not to stress the whales and ultimately the whales choose whether they want to swim with us or not. That said, we swim with whales every day!

The water in Tonga averages a balmy tropical 26°C , and air temperatures are a comfortable 23-30°C July to October. The Trade winds can sometimes feel a bit cool when you`re wet on the boat. Most days it's sunshine and bikinis, but it's good to have a 3mm wetsuit for days when the winds are up and its cloudy.


If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga will deliver! Coral reefs, blue water and palm fringed islands, delicious fresh fruit and seafood, and tropical paradise on your doorstep!

Why choose us?

Professional Guides

Wildlife Guarantee

Small group, intimate experience

Fast, Safe Boat

The Tour

Our Tour includes 7 nights accommodation in a beautifully styled beachfront resort with all 12 guest rooms enjoying views of the golden sand beach and crystal clear turquoise waters of the Port of Refuge Harbour. Our resort is nestled on the beachfront of the island of ‘Utungake. There is safe swimming on all tides. We have a fully licensed restaurant in addition to our Sandpit Bar, library, beach towels, and water taxi service to Neiafu and back.

All Super King rooms are only metres away from the water’s edge and are fitted with electric ceiling fans and air conditioning. Open entrances allowing for a natural sea breeze if desired. Each room has its own covered decked balcony with table and chairs to relax on.

Delicious daily fare prepared in the international kitchen. 3 course dinners -Vegetarian, vegan catered on request.

Our Incredible Accommodation

Getting to Vava`u, Tonga

Fiji Airways flies to Vava`u via Nadi from various international airports. Depending on your arrival time you may overnight in Nadi then take a flight to Vavau the next morning.

Air New Zealand flies to Nuku`Alofa TBU, you will overnight there and take a domestic flight to Vavau with Lulutai Airlines the next morning.

Qantas flies from Sydney and Brisbane to Nuku`Alofa twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You can overnight and take a domestic flight to Vavau with Lulutai Airlines the next morning.

If you have any questions about the trip please ask!

some of the incredible experiences you may have

Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm waters of Tonga to mate and give birth. They begin to arrive in June/July and calves are born between July and September. As well as having calves, single male Whales compete for the attention of a female, listen to the trumpet blows and witness the mighty displays of breaching, spy hopping, tail slapping and pectoral fin in the battle to mate for the following season. Put your head underwater and hear, see and feel the song of the male humpback whale as he fills the ocean with notes, clicks, grunts and whistles to attract a female and warn off smaller males.

Humpbacks are Baleen Whales which means they have no teeth but baleen, which is like big toothbrush bristles, which they use to sieve the krill they feed on. However, they don’t eat during the time spent in Tonga as there is no krill to feed on. The females, known as cows, weigh up to 45 tonnes and are 16 meters in length. The calf when born weighs 1-2 tonnes and measures 1.5 meters. They rapidly grow in size from their mother’s milk which is like double cream and very fatty. The mother expresses 100 litres a day from either of her two breasts.

Usually mothers and calves are the best encounters, with the mother lying at about 10 metres, often sleeping with one eye closed for up to 20 minutes with the calf surfacing every 3 to 5 minutes and playing on the surface. The calves are very inquisitive and will approach swimmers so you are able to eyeball each other.Often there is a male escort with the mother and calf. The female has come back into season even though she is lactating and it is possible for her to mate.

incredible Humpback Whales


The Vava’u Island group in the Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular tropical island paradise in the Pacific Ocean. It has a year-round climate suitable for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sailing. Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches while others have tropical forests, sea-level caves, and dramatic limestone cliffs with breathtaking vistas.

Remote and truly unspoiled, the waters around Vava’u are crystal clear with visibility exceeding 100 feet/30 metres. Most of the islands are uninhabited, a few have villages, a few have very small unique resorts with exceptional food. There is abundant sea life with over 100 species of colorful tropical fish, giant clams, manta rays, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and July-October the Humpback whales!

Truly a paradise with the only Polynesian Monarchy this is a truly remarkable place to explore.


You will have received a liability waiver form in the booking confirmation email. Every participant is required to complete the waiver. Parents can sign for their children. If you did not receive a pre-arrival waiver email, please click the button below to complete your "Waiver". You will be asked a series of important questions and will be required to electronically sign the waiver, with legal guardians signing for children. This is mandatory before boarding our vessel, as is the safety briefing prior to departure.