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Bull Orca on the fjords in golden light

Swim with Orcas in Norway

Swim with Orcas in Norway

Swim with Orcas, Humpbacks and Fin whales in the spectacular Fjords of Norway! Join an intimate group of just 4 guests to witness one of the largest gatherings of Orca on the planet. Orca by day and the Aurora Borealis by night- welcome to the arctic circle!


Skjervoy, Norway


7 nights

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7 nights accommodation

7 nights accommodation in the scenic village of Skjervoy.

Week one stays in Hotel maritim,

Week 2 we have a comfortable private residence

6 days on the Water

6 days on the water aboard our 7.5m enclosed centre console.

Skippered by a highly experienced local guide who has worked with the BBC, Nat Geo, and other documentary crews filming Orca.

Orcas, Humpbacks , Fin Whales

Vast schools of Herring create an incredible feeding opportunity for large pods of Orcas, Humpbacks and also the mighty Fin whales - second largest animal on the planet.

some of the incredible experiences you may have

The Experience

From mid October vast schools of Herring move from the North Sea into the Fjords for winter. This is a feeding opportunity that attracts huge pods of Orca, Humpback and Fin whales as well as Sei and Minkes. Predatory seabirds such as Eagles also gather in numbers to share in the abundance.generally Orcas are quite shy of people but when there is an organised feeding activity with a large ball of herring on the surface it is possible to be right amongst the action and witness the Orca rounding up the Herring and feeding all around you! The Humpbacks are commonly seen feeding on the same herring balls which is an incredible thing to witness. Norway allows people to swim with Orca


We will be operating out of Skjervoy, a small fishing village on the far north coast of Norway

The town is located on the island of Skjervøya along the Kvænangen, near the mouth of the Reisafjorden. The fjords are absolutely stunning in their dramatic beauty with huge mountain peaks emerging straight out of the water in excess of 1000m.

Weather Conditions

Its cold!! Our hotel is very toasty but for any outdoor activities you need to be well prepared,

Bring warm and waterproof clothing and footwear for wet and snowy conditions. Beanie, buff, gloves and boots to handle the snow.

In the water we recommend a custom made 7/8mm wetsuit, 7mm gloves and socks. You will need to bring your own mask,fins and rubber belt. Weights will be provided.

On deck you will want an exposure suit or overpants and jacket as well as large rubber boots to put over your dive socks.

Daytime temperatures vary from 5C to -10C. Water temperature is around 6C.

Our Boat

Our boats are 8m fibreglass speed boats with an enclosed centre cabin to protect you from the elements. They are powered by 150hp outboards. We have a small group of just your local guide and skipper, your host and just 4 guests. This allows us to have an up close and personal experience with the Orca.


The scenery is so cinematic it's ridiculous!!

For underwater photography you will want a wide fast lens with an aperture of at least f2.8. This is generally a good lens for time lapse with the aurora at night.

We are struggling with light so preferably a camera that is full frame and that performs well in low light conditions..

A telephoto lens is great for topside - capturing orcas and whales on the surface as well as the eagles and spectacular scenery..


You will have received a liability waiver form in the booking confirmation email. Every participant is required to complete the waiver. Parents can sign for their children. If you did not receive a pre-arrival waiver email, please click the button below to complete your "Waiver". You will be asked a series of important questions and will be required to electronically sign the waiver, with legal guardians signing for children. This is mandatory before boarding our vessel, as is the safety briefing prior to departure.